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Our Transformational Tours are like nothing else out there.

We start our journey together long before wheels up. This one-of-a-kind transformational experience is curated with great care to provide an exhilarating vacation while enabling new clarity in your life. 

Your tour begins with a powerful connection to a location that will open your heart to celebrate the joy of being alive.  Your personal retreat is designed to your specific desire for transformation. We are energetically with you every step of the way, giving you priming tools to prepare, as well as grounding and expansion exercises to enhance your soul journey and post care guidance to sustain and lock in the breakthroughs that transpire.

The best part of this traveling adventure is returning home to your own soul, to the truth of you.

We offer tours for individuals or for small groups. All tours include a local host to help guide you along your path.  Should you want to join a larger group, we can help you find the perfect fit with one of our current offerings.

Bliss in Bali

Often called the Island of the Gods, this exotic island paradise in Indonesia features soaring volcanos, picturesque rice fields, lush forest, and palm-studded beaches. A colorful island of temples and traditions whose spiritual inhabitants have spread waves of love to visitors for many generations welcomes you. When you experience the sheer natural beauty of Bali combined with the heart-based spiritual essence of the Balinese culture you will be reflecting on life and reconnecting you with your soul’s desires in no time at all.


Riviera Maya Adventure

Reconnect with nature in this magical region of the Yucatan with 88 miles of breathtaking coastline just south of Cancun. Sunny days and balmy nights will caress your body and soul. The raw beauty of the lush jungle, a turquoise sea, exotic flowers, birds, and healing waters of the many local cenotes combined with mystical pyramids and ancient ceremonies create an ideal environment to take your own inward journey.

Healing in Kauai

You will feel the spiritual energy of Kauai emanate up from the land and right through your body on this lush, verdant island. As the oldest of the Hawaiian islands and far less populated, Kauai is a paradise where you quickly merge into a zone of peace and beauty. Waterfalls, rainbows, and dolphins intersect farm-to-table gourmet dining and delightful entertainment.

Spiritual Transformation in India

India is a deep calling for those seeking to be spiritually inspired. It is the birthplace of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism and it owns the ancient practices of yoga and Ayurveda. A whirlwind of colors, smells, and sounds, both chaotic yet exotic, confusing yet mystical, India entices you to open and accept her into your heart as she begins to reawaken your soul. Delectable food and incredible vistas will excite your senses, while moments of discovery and interaction with this rich culture will remain forever in your memory.

Heart & Soul in Peru

The majesty of Machu Picchu, the cosmic force in the Sacred Valley and the mystical Lake Titicaca are bucket list locations that will melt you to your core, as you are led through these incredible sites with shamanic guidance. Your heart will open a little more each day as get to know Peruvian life and as you re-connect with your most authentic self. We are all children of the Sun according to Incas, who see God as nature. This fascinating culture is ancient, yet way ahead of its time. Explore, Learn, participate in ceremonies, and prepare to return to your life as new spirit.

Goddess Knows Retreat

Lead by transformational coach and author, Halle Eavelyn, in Miami Florida. Get on the list to be the first to know when we announce the details!


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