Mary Morrisey

Halle Eavelyn provides elegant, exquisite, and perfect to every detail transformational journeys. Since 2007, I’ve worked with Halle to arrange all things from hotels, meals, guides, and special occasions for the 60 person pilgrimages I lead annually. Egypt and Bali are my two favorite destinations where Transformational Tours & Retreats has provided all things required and more with impeccability. Look no further for choosing who to work with for small or large travel support.

Brave Thinking Institute
Marcus & Sheila Gillette

Working with Transformational Tours & Retreats is one of the best decisions we have ever made for our company. Working with Halle and Sandy is easy and fun, and our community has been super positive about their experiences with them, feeling very well taken care of and loved. There is the vibration of love that runs through everything they do, and trust them. There have been magical experiences on each trip, and they consistently surprise and delight, which is one of our core values. You will be very happy working with them!

Howard Caeser

I can confidently recommend Transformational Tours and Retreats as being able to provide outstanding help and assistance in planning and coordinating group travel. I have participated as Tour Leader on a number of pilgrimages to other countries in which Transformational Tours have worked with me wonderfully to create an itinerary, select hotels, guides, and sites to visit, and helped my group travelers with flights and other trip details. A qualified person is also provided to accompany the group and offer assistance as needed. I’ve always been pleased with the quality of their expertise.

Oneness for All
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