Peru Through Spiritual Eyes

with Howard Caesar

September 30 – October 9, 2023

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You Are Invited…

To a life-changing pilgrimage with Marcus & Sheila Gillette and the THEO family on a journey to your heart, through a mystical land called Peru. Experience some of the most powerful places on the planet: Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley, and legendary Cusco, the capital of the Incan empire. Beyond visiting many amazing sites, you will learn about Incan spirituality and ancient civilizations, participate in important ceremonies, meet the locals, shop colorful markets, indulge in fabulous Peruvian cuisine, pet a llama or an alpaca, and so many other adventures! There will be 3 interactive THEO Sessions plus guided meditations with THEO at certain sacred sites to connect you to your heart and soul.

Marcus & Sheila have invited one of the most sought-after shamans in Peru, Jorge Luis Delgado, to help lead this pilgrimage. Jorge is an internationally known Cha karuna (bridge between the cosmos and this world). He is also an author, a teacher, and often a guest on the international media circuit, including 10 appearances on Ancient Aliens. Jorge is a premier teacher and guide, and it will be an honor to see Peru through his eyes, while immersing in THEO energy.

Whether you are a couple planning to come together, or a single traveler delighted to meet a new best friend on the trip, this unique deluxe tour will go straight to your heart. If you feel that something is missing in life, you want to go deeper into your soul, or you feel in need of full-on transformation, this is the pilgrimage you have been waiting for. And for those of you who wish to extend your journey to discover Lake Titicaca, Marcus & Sheila approved an optional add-on experience for you to enjoy..

The Details

Sept. 30 – Oct. 9, 2023

This amazing experience is 10 days and 9 nights (Sept. 30 – Oct. 9, 2023) and includes:

  • 3 interactive Group THEO sessions
  • 3 special THEO meditations at sacred sites
  • 1 Night at Lima at Wyndham Costa del Sol or similar
  • 4 Nights at Taypikala Valle Sagrado, Urubamba or similar
  • 2 Nights at Taypikala Aguas Calientes or similar
  • 2 Nights at INKA del Palacio, Luxury Collection in Cusco or similar
  • Round trip flights from Lima to Cusco
  • Fabulous gastronomy & delightful shopping
  • Private shamanic healing sessions (optional)
  • Many Shamanic ceremonies
  • Tips for guides, restaurants and hotel staff

Amazing sacred sites including:




  • URCO



Meet your Tour LEADERS

Marcus & Sheila

“If Machu Picchu has ever been on your bucket list, just Imagine meditating with THEO at this incredible site. From the Andes Mountains to the Sacred Valley to the ancient Incan capital of Cusco, your heart will overflow with love as you tune in to messages and activations from THEO . Soul family is gathering now for another once-in-a-lifetime experience.”


Over the past 25 years, Sheila and Marcus Gillette have empowered and educated thousands of people worldwide through intimate conversations with THEO. Sheila has been the direct voice medium for THEO, a collective of twelve archangels, since her near death experience in 1969. In partnership with Marcus, Sheila has been able to share THEO’s wisdom with an ever-widening community, sharing transformational messages that foster an enlightened state of consciousness.

Before meeting, both Sheila and Marcus were on their own spiritual paths. Sheila had already been channeling THEO for over 25 years.

Marcus was happily immersed in his own spiritual journey, inspired in part by THEO’s teachings after reading Sheila’s first book: “The 5th Dimension: Channels to a New Reality.” But after a divinely guided meeting and an instant connection in 1997, their impact on the world grew, along with their love.

The Gillette’s published their first book together “The Soul Truth – A Guide to Inner Peace” and just released their new book “The Art of Relationship – Discover the Magic of Unconditional Love”. The Gillette’s also host the popular interactive web TV series: ‘AskTHEO Live”.

Their mission has always been clear; to spread THEO’s life-changing messages of hope and possibility as humanity awakens to a higher vibration of unconditional love.

“We look forward to a very special experience as we commune with the authentic nature of our souls and in the beauty and magic that surrounds us in Peru.”

The Itinerary

Day 01 (September 30): ARRIVE IN LIMA

Welcome to Peru! Upon your arrival into Lima, walk across the street to the Wyndham Costa del Sol and Overnight at this 4-star Lima Airport Hotel.

Enjoy a delicious meal this evening if your flight arrives early enough; tomorrow morning we will be traveling as a group to Cusco — which is at an altitude of 11,100 feet. We need to acclimate, so we recommend minimal alcohol, at least during the first 2 or 3 days, and keep drinking water!

Overnight at Wyndham Costa del Sol


This morning after breakfast, we check-out of our hotel and walk across the street to the airport and check-in for our flight to Cusco. Our hour-long flight with magnificent views of the Andes will be the real beginning of the magic. Upon arrival in Cusco, we are met by our guide and transfer in our private coach to our deluxe hotel in the Valle Sagrado, Sacred Valley in Urubamba (9,000 ft), a little easier to acclimate to than Cusco. The locals recommend chewing coca leaves to help orient you to your new altitude. You will find these coca leaves in many places from the airport to the hotel lobbies, and they are used in many of our sacred ceremonies. You might also enjoy sipping delicious coca tea.

On the way to our fabulous hotel, we stop in Chinchero, where we discover the traditional methods of weaving and dying wool. Everywhere you go, you will see some version of these textiles in the form of sweaters, ponchos, hats, mittens, blankets, tote bags, purses, etc. The goal of this non-profit center was to work with various communities from the Cusco region to revive the authentic textile traditions of their regions and empower weavers, especially women. You might want to consider picking up an item or two to have on this journey; there will be cool mornings and nights where you’ll be happy in your soft, warm Alpaca wool.

After settling into the hotel, we have a brief orientation with Marcus & Sheila, followed by a festive Welcome Dinner, then a fire ceremony led by our Shaman, Jorge Luis Delgado, who is a recognized Peruvian Elder. This evening, we learn about Andean Cosmovision, set our personal intentions for this pilgrimage and release everything we are ready to leave behind. This pilgrimage will bring peace and transformation to every participant, activated by Peruvian shamanic energy and, of course, the wisdom and energy absorbed in our THEO sessions.

Breakfast, Lunch at Chinchero & Welcome Dinner included

Overnight at Taypikala Valle Sagrado, Urubamba


Each morning, a sumptuous breakfast will be served. Afterwards, today we depart for Urco, located in the Village of Calca, for special meditation with THEO, preparing us all to open to the blessings we will receive in the coming days. We will also experience a Chicha ceremony with a Q’ero master. Chicha is a sacred drink, a kind of beer made of corn. In ceremony, we offer this drink to the Mother Earth, in gratitude for life and the gifts we are receiving from her.

Next, we drive through the Valley along the sacred Urubamba River to get to Pisac. Here we visit the temple, a place of power where Coca leaves are used to send love and thanks to the Spirit of the Mountains, Apus, and to the Pachamama (Mother Earth). We walk with the Apukunas (Spirits of Mountains) and will have the opportunity to connect with these Andean deities, our protectors, masters, silence watchers and healers in the native communities. We visit some of the sacred places like the Temple of the Sun and the Moon, Constellations Temple, and the Rainbow Temple. We can admire the perfect stonework and contemplate how this could be man-made or the work of an ancient civilization dancing with the Cosmos.

A daily Buffet Lunch, prepared by award-winning chefs, is ours to enjoy, along with the beautiful views from the banks of the Urubamaba River.


Gather with Marcus & Sheila as THEO takes us to the wisdom in our hearts and souls.

Dinner is on your own, and various Healings with Peruvian Shamans, Coca Leaf Readings, and Spa offerings are available every evening by appointment. Or perhaps, tonight choose to simply star gaze on the grounds of this beautiful property. Have you ever seen the Southern Cross?

Breakfast and Lunch included.

Overnight at Taypikala Valle Sagrado, in Urubamba

DAY 04 (October 3): Ollantaytambo and Naupa Iglesia

Breakfast at leisure.

Today we visit the Ollantaytambo, the “City of the Universe,” experiencing that everything in life is dancing together, interconnected, and interdependent. We learn some Solar Activation Spiritual Eye Practices.

Ollantaytambo is considered as one of the most important temples of the pre-Incan and Incan time. We shall explore different temple elements, and see the monument of the Condor, the Tunupa’s face, the Sun Temple, and more.

Later, we take a magical drive to Ñaupa Iglesia (Temple of Chakanas). Ñaupa Iglesia is charged with spiritual energy and tranquility since it is located in the middle of steep mountains. Here, people worshiped our ancestors because it is a place of strong spiritual connection. Yet it was also a connection to the cosmos, a site used for ceremonies of significant astronomical events and special dates on the agricultural calendar. Inside the Huaca is a finely carved altar which faces straight to the Milky Way, considered a portal or dimensional gate.

Lunch is provided at the hotel.

Enjoy some time to wander the beautiful hotel grounds and take in the amazing energy. Slip into the meditation cave and relax. Take time for you whether it’s petting the resident alpaca, slipping into the hot tub and getting a massage, or journaling by the river. Excellent shopping is always available on the premises.

This evening, perhaps try the national cocktail of Peru, the Pisco Sour.

Dinner is on your own. Then consider one of the various Healings with a Peruvian Shaman, Coca Leaf Readings, or Spa treatments.

Breakfast and Lunch included.

Overnight at Taypikala Valle Sagrado, in Urubamba

DAY 05 (October 4) Quillarumiyoc / THEO SESSION 2

Breakfast at leisure.

This morning we visit the temple located in front of the Ancahuasi mountain, which is the nesting place of the Eagle and the Condor. In this place, called Quillarumiyoc (the Oracle of the Moon or Temple of the Moon), we can build our own nest in our heart, putting in our best intentions and keeping them protected, secure and ready to share with our brothers and sisters.

Quillarumiyoc reminds us to continue working with our Protective Mother, focusing on the feminine aspect, with the Moon, the Water, and our emotional body. We will participate in several ceremonies in different areas of this sacred place.


This evening, after dinner on your own, relax in the soothing atmosphere of the beautiful hotel, enjoy more star gazing, or make an appointment for any activity you may have missed.

Breakfast and Lunch included.

Overnight at Taypikala Valle Sagrado, in Urubamba


Enjoy one last breakfast at Taypikala Valle de Sagrado, then check out of our hotel this morning.

We board the train late morning for Aguas Calientes, for a relaxing two-hour journey where we can enjoy the stunning views along the way.

Shortly after arrival, we take the bus up to the entrance of Machu Picchu. Photos do not do justice to the awe and inspiration you will feel as your spirit merges with this iconic site. After our guide orients us to this powerful history, we have time to explore on our own. Prepare to participate in meaningful ceremonies at this amazing temple complex. The stone there is considered high voltage and a magnetic focal point. Every invocation made at Machu Picchu is amplified to incalculable proportions. We will have the opportunity to use more than our five senses in this Incan 15th century citadel.

Later, before the sun sets, we return to the town and check in to the Taypikala hotel, situated in the center of town.

Dinner is on your own, so you can explore this walkable and bustling community with lots of shops, restaurants, and charming locals.

Breakfast and Lunch included.

Overnight at Taypikala, Aguas Calientes


Early this morning, we will return to Machu Picchu to await the first ray of sun as it rises over the mountaintop. Today is our awakening into the deepest meaning of our inner sun, (inner light) and a better understanding of the electromagnetic energies of the sun. We will have a power meditation with THEO here at Machu Picchu, and as energy is amplified here, you will have a once in a lifetime experience. There is plenty of time for you to explore and reflect on your own. You will always remember this day.

When the time is right, we return to Aguas Calientes to enjoy lunch on our own and see more of this quaint and gorgeous town in the Urubamba River Valley (yes, the same river flowing from the Sacred Valley). Take your bathing suit if you want to heal your body in the hot springs that are a short walk up the street. These hot springs are of volcanic origin and may even date back to Incan times. Perhaps add an excellent and inexpensive massage at one of the no-frills, family-owned storefront establishments. You might just need a nap before we all go out for a special dinner together this evening.

Breakfast and Dinner included.

Overnight in Aguas Calientes

DAY 08 (October 07): Depart Aguas Calientes/Cusco Altars/Check in to Palacio del Inka

After breakfast we will take the scenic morning train back to Ollanta and then transfer to our bus to Cusco.

On the way we visit the most important altars around Cusco. We begin our journey going to the Temple of Illapata, or Temple of the Heart, to surrender to Love and embrace the authentic nature of this power. Here we will meditate with THEO allowing the flow of love and contentment deep within our hearts.

Later, we visit Sacsayhuaman, Qenko, and others if time allows, We can admire the magnificence of our ancestors, connect with the living elements, and release our heavy energies (Hucha) as we reconnect with what we are and surrender to our true essence of love. By connecting to the womb of Mother Earth (Pachamama) and the Serpent (the second guide of the Incas), we are given the opportunity for rebirth.

We’ll enjoy lunch at a special restaurant along the way with beautiful view of Cusco, and later check in to Palacio del Inka, a 500-year-old Mansion, historic landmark, and the place to be in this iconic city. You will be intrigued by the 195 pieces of artwork in this museum hotel. The most representative paintings are archangels with weapons and elements associated with Andean deities such as thunder and mountains, among other indigenous historical art treasures.

Dinner on your own this evening, you can choose from a variety of excellent restaurants within walking distance and enjoy the bustle of this old Incan city.

You might wish to indulge and book an appointment for tomorrow in the Hotel’s Andes Spirit Spa with a pampering treatment, or just enjoy the thermal circuit for some hydrotherapy.

Breakfast and Lunch included.

Overnight in Palacio del Inka

DAY 09 (October 08): FREE TIME/Farewell Dinner/THEO SESSION 3

After a delicious breakfast, we will experience our final THEO interactive session to help integrate all of the new energies experienced in Peru.

The rest of your day is free to roam Cusco.

Make sure to stop in to visit Temple of the Sun of the Incas (Coricancha) at some point, situated right across from our hotel. It is one of the most important temples of the Inca empire, and the most revered in Cusco. This sacred temple was built for offering ceremonies to the Father Sun, a vital part of Incan life. Father Sun was considered responsible for the creation of all things. Some of the structures have important astronomical significance related to solstices and the equinoxes. And once again, you’ll see building techniques which seem to have been made by tools beyond human capabilities.

Enjoy strolling the hotel grounds, take in a pre-arranged spa treatment, shop the colorful stores along the main square in Cusco, or join your friends at the local farmer’s market to see dozens of the over 1500 types of potato that grow in Peru!

This evening we gather for our very special Farewell Dinner where we will share our last night together, enjoy the laughter, and make plans to stay connected with all our THEO Soul Family.

Breakfast, Farewell Dinner included.

Overnight in Palacio del Inka


Breakfast included.


Join Marcus and Sheila for the 4-night extension, as our shaman continues to guide us through the wonders of Lake Titicaca.



Welcome to the extension tour!

Today we fly from Cusco to Juliaca (55 minutes), about an hour from the town of Puno, and soon arrive at our beautiful hotel on the shores of Lake Titicaca, a deep freshwater lake in the Andes, on the border of Bolivia and Peru. It is known as the highest navigable lake in the world, and the largest lake in South America. Our Shaman shares mystical legends and documented supernatural occurrences on this great body of water.

The hotel grounds are lovely and just walking around will give you a renewed sense of peace. Perhaps start your mornings watching an amazing sunrise, followed by a walk around the hotel’s garden labyrinth, before eating a hearty breakfast and touring.

Just a short walk from our hotel is the charming town center of Chicuito, and you might enjoy visiting the ancient Fertility Temple, Inca Uyo. There is free time built into the schedule to discover this on your own, and/or receive healing sessions.

Breakfast included.

Overnight in Taypikala Lago Hotel


This morning after breakfast, we depart our hotel and take a short drive to the main harbor of Puno town. We board our private boat and visit the famous reed islands, where we have an opportunity to meet the locals who live on these islands and learn about their lives. Then we take a reed boat to do a Dreaming Ceremony, under the auspices of the Cosmic Mother Pachamama, to dream the new life of a new YOU.

Next, we continue to Taquile Island. There, on the beach, we will have a Water Ceremony in the sacred waters of the Lake Titicaca, birthplace of the Children of the Sun. Here we cleanse, purify, and proclaim as we connect with the Temple of Illumination and the legendary Solar Disk. You may wish to bring a few small items for blessings in this ceremony.

Afterwards, enjoy a relaxing lunch on the island, before returning to our hotel in Chucuito Village for an evening on your own.

Breakfast and lunch included.

Overnight in Taypikala Lago Hotel


Today we drive to the highly energetic, pre-Incan crop circles to see different circular designs that served for agriculture and ceremonies. We will discuss the Law of the Eternal Circle.

Then, continue to Inka Camaña. The pre-Incan megalithic structures around Lake Titicaca are all oriented towards the sunrise. They are carved in Mother Rock in semi-circular and rectangular forms with stairways that lead to different altars overlooking the Sacred Lake.

After that, we continue to Aramu Muru Doorway in Ajayu Marka, the House of the Sun or House of Divinity. Here we walk on the Ceremonial Path, starting from the Drinking Place of the Inca (where the Inca spiritual souls come to drink light). We will do a solar practice to activate our Inner Sun in connection with the Father Sun, activating our Inner Sun to experience our own Body of Light.

Hiking by Snake (the inner world) by the Puma (this world) until we arrive at the Condor (the upper world), where we will send the message to the Cosmos and listen for our answer.

Then we continue to the inter-dimensional doorway of Aramu Muru, as we experience in the two columns of the gate, the Light, a Doorway of Heart-centered Divinity.

Return to the hotel. The rest of the day and evening are free to enjoy on your own.

Breakfast included.

Overnight in Taypikala Lago Hotel

Day 13 (October 12): SILLUSTANI

Today we take in a last bit of Sacred Peru at a magnificent site called Sillustani, a place of a remarkable Telluric Force (the powerful Earth currents), a small plateau from where it is possible to see Lake Umayo and the mountains. In Sillustani, we gather at the Temple of Fire to connect with the Cosmic Spiral, then visit the Chullpas (Burial Towers) which have the secret of rebirth. This cemetery temple will be a witness to the Ceremony of the Solar Disc Imposition in each of us. We remember that to be Children of the Sun is to be clear, transparent, bright, warm, resplendent, shining, and luminous.

This evening we gather together in celebration for a Lake Titicaca Farewell Dinner.

A chance to share photos, tell stories and hold the beautiful energy that the group has created.

Breakfast & Dinner Included.


Overnight in Taypikala Lago Hotel

Day 14 (October 13): Departure to Lima & Home

This morning, we go to the airport in Juliaca and fly to Lima to connect to your international flight back home. Or you can choose to enjoy one more day on your own to explore the lovely town of Miraflores, as you integrate back into your life. Transformational Tours can make this arrangement should you wish to extend before or after the tour. Either way, you will undoubtedly continue with your process of spiritual evolution, and Peru will remain in your heart for many years to come.

Sacred Peru with THEO is calling…

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Single Supplements: $1328 (Sacred Peru) & $386 (Lake Titicaca Extension)

 (All Pricing includes all Tips for guides, drivers, etc. and all Admin Fees)


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