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Heart & Soul in Peru

The majesty of Machu Picchu, the cosmic force in the Sacred Valley and the mystical Lake Titicaca are bucket list locations that will melt you to your core, as you are led through these incredible sites with shamanic guidance. Your heart will open a little more each day as get to know Peruvian life and as you re-connect with your most authentic self. We are all children of the Sun according to Incas, who see God as nature. This fascinating culture is ancient, yet way ahead of its time. Explore, Learn, participate in ceremonies, and prepare to return to your life as new spirit.

The Journey

Your arrival into Lima will be the start of your journey with a possible overnight just a few steps away from hotel to give you a good night’s sleep and breakfast to start your day. A short flight to Cusco overlooking the Andes will be one of the most scenic plane rides you’ve ever had. Then you will take a ride down to the Sacred Valley as you acclimate to your new altitude. Your boutique hotels are beautiful and have every amenity to ensure your comfort. Your transportation is deluxe and your shamanic guide will remain in your heart forever.

The Experience

As you release your heavy energies at the start of your journey and begin to open up to each fascinating daily adventure, you can’ t help but become happier. As you get closer to nature and take part in ceremonies that honor Mother Earth and Father Sun, the four directions, and the true meaning of love, you will find yourself again. Picture the beauty and purity of you in these iconic, dreamlike landscapes, and introduce yourself to a new life, new friendships and real lasting transformation.

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