Money Mind Spirit Retreat

Skyrocket your conviction, clarity and business
in one potent weekend.

With Transformational Coach Halle Eavelyn

Three deeply transformative days, Nov 8-10 at the gorgeous historic Biltmore Hotel in Miami, FL.

Money Mind Spirit Retreat

We get so caught up in our personal lives and businesses that we forget the core purpose of our soul. This retreat is a deep dive back into the WHY and the HOW to live your very best life!

Led by Mindset Coach & Business Strategist Halle Eavelyn, Money Mind Spirit is a masterful retreat where you will recharge your radiance, awaken your truest self and bring you home to freedom and flow.

Money Mind Spirit has been designed with you in mind – the woman entrepreneur who is ready to burst into confidence, ease and joy.

With powerful guidance, you will discover and hone your spiritual and intuitive compass.

Together, we will overcome the struggles you thought you were stuck with. In your business and personal growth, the Money Mind Spirit retreat will key in to clear and move you past those issues.

Take your conviction, clarity and business to the next level in one potent weekend.

Launch yourself into more success, money, and happiness... More YOU!

You’re so close to leaving behind the tired feeling of “just good enough!”

Bubbling inside of you, there is a take-charge, radiant woman. You feel like you have completed a metric ton of accomplishments in your business, yet are falling short of reaching your personal and professional summit. You crave a tribe of spiritual sisters to surround and support you, who naturally understand what you are going through because they own the T-shirt, too.
Are you ready to finally uncover and call in your “business best?”

Come join Halle and her team for the 3-day Money Mind Spirit Retreat. A powerhouse transformational business and mindset coach, Halle gets right at the core of your personal potential, banishing the crappy old beliefs and awakening your inner magnificence.

In the Money Mind Spirit Retreat, you will:

  • Skyrocket your inner game

  • Grow your precision and confidence

  • Align your business with your brilliance

  • Clear your most stubborn blocks that keep you frozen in status quo

  • Learn simple, effective paths to manifesting quickly

  • Clarify your personal and professional desires

  • Expand your mindset surrounded by a powerful sisterhood

  • Return home refreshed from the nurturing, positive environment

All of this in three immersive days, surrounded by spiritual entrepreneurial women.

Set your Mind, Mind Your Money. Money costs us more than we know when we are not aligned with its energy and gifts. We don’t feel worth the expense of growing our business. We are not making what we dream we deserve. Our health isn’t where it could be. Our relationships suffer. We are human doings instead of human beings, busy moving in the wrong direction. We just focus on what we have been conditioned to navigate, not on our true calling.

How much better would your life and business be if your income aligned with your desires and potential? What would THAT life look like? How would you reinvest in your greatest commodities, you and your business.

Shifting your Mindset is key to your success. You have already tried so many tools and techniques to do that, right? You know it works, yet sustaining and expanding a positive mindset is elusive. You act “as if,” still… you haven’t found a way to rewire your mindset for permanent change. You have felt those magic moments when radiance moves through you, yet it’s just fleeting. It feels scary to trust Spirit, to give into your gut, to give up those beliefs that keep you “functioning” in the world, so you can listen to the true call of your passion.

At Money Mind Spirit, we will tap into and enliven your intuitive power. It will become your best friend, your inner confidante. It will be the critical puzzle piece that will help you create that 7-figure business you so desire, and satisfy the success you crave.

Special guest workshops during Money Mind Spirit:

Restoring Your Soul's Purpose

with Susan Smith

Ninety-five percent of your life is controlled by your subconscious mind. Take an evolutionary leap as you clear deep subconscious programming, blocks, and trauma in an experiential talk.

  • Free yourself from hidden ancestral patterns and blocks to success
  • Raise the consciousness of your pre-birth and birth experiences for newfound freedom and peace of mind
  • Clear the collective trauma and the wounded legacy of the feminine

Powerful Intuition, Practical Application

with Shoshanna French, Intuition Expert

We all have intuition – why do we not listen to it? How can we learn to trust and be guided by it easily? This workshop will give you practical tools to apply your intuition to decision making – and show you what to do when you get “too full” energetically.

  • How to use your body as a pendulum
  • How to ground, clear, and connect
  • Learn your intuitive type
  • Gain clarity around how to process your intuitive gifts

Uplevel Your Potential, Call In Your Desires

with Rebecca Hahn, Growth & Leadership Coach

When we are operating in a state of total synergy, capable of sustaining inner power and outer presence, we unleash our greatest potential. The art and science you will learn in this workshop literally rewires your brain for success.

  • Integrate ancient Yoga principles with modern Neuroscience techniques
  • Bridge the gap from inner wisdom to outer greatness
  • Expand your magnetism, energetic field and leadership presence
  • Restore and regenerate your nervous system, to calm and center yourself on all levels
  • Take charge of your destiny by tapping into the subtle realm of your own instincts

You have all that you need within

Spirit calls, the Money Mind Spirit Retreat answers:

  • Anchor your confidence and self-worth
  • Vision and clarify your personal and professional core desires
  • Clear those stubborn money and success blocks
  • Integrate simple yet powerful manifestation tools.
  • Stretch and expand your success mindset beyond your current awareness
  • Exponentially uplevel your ability to complete your projects and your programs
  • Regain focus to streamline your business
  • Sustain and continue to grow your authentic soul’s calling
  • Return home recharged, deeply connected to Self and your new tribe of like-minded women

Special Retreat BONUSES: Priming and Connecting

Retreat Prep Call with Halle to awaken the shifts you desire. In this 90-min live call you will discover and create powerful intention-setting language to shift you from passive desire to active results-oriented manifesting. When retreat time arrives, you will be fully prepared and ready to leap to the next level. This call will be held during mid-October. Details will be provided to you after signing up.

One full month of Post-retreat support. This is to ensure that you continue to anchor and expand your intentions and personal goals. Halle will continue to guide you and lock in your greatest personal and business results. Details will be provided to guests.

Private retreat Facebook group with live calls and Q&A

Kim Coles

Coach, Comedian and Actress

I call Halle my Spiritual Chiropractor! She gets and keeps me well-aligned, with myself and Truth. My favorite thing about working with her is that she has the gifts of fierce clarity and vivacious velocity, which means I get to be and stay in action/allowing towards my best self RIGHT NOW!! My Spiritual Chiropractor adjusts me perfectly every time!

About Halle

Halle Eavelyn is a dynamic and powerful transformational coach, speaker, and tour leader who helps people break out of their old patterns so they can live their best lives, the ones they always yearned for.

Halle has over 25 years of business experience in software, real estate, film production and travel. Adeptly using a variety of intuitive modalities, Halle’s work is deep and extremely fast. Her clients experience powerful shifts with ease, upleveling their lives and businesses and releasing even lifelong trauma.

Halle is also the Transformational Business Strategist for the High-End Client Program at Core Digital Marketing, the LinkedIn business experts. ALong with her private coaching, her life-changing programs Reclaiming You: Unlocking Your Personal Happiness Code and Goddess Knows, an exclusive group coaching program for women.

Halle has been interviewed by Time Magazine, USA Today, Good Morning America, Wealth TV, the LA Times, the London Guardian, and many others. She has spoken all over the country, from institutes such as Vanderbilt University to bookstores like Barnes & Noble.

Her acclaimed spiritual travel memoir, Red Goddess Rising, tells the story of her spiritual awakening in Egypt and the trips she has led up the Nile for the past several years. A former blogger for The Huffington Post her newest book is called 100 Ways To Be In Joy.


Friday 9am-5pm, with breaks and lunch (included).

Saturday 9am-5pm, with breaks and lunch (included).

Sunday 9am-4pm, with breaks and lunch (included).

A timed schedule will be provided to participants in advance of the retreat.

Dinner will be on your own each night.

On Friday and Sunday evenings, Halle will escort anyone who wants to join her to some of her favorite spots in Miami Beach and Little Havana.

More info will be emailed to Money Mind Spirit participants.

Hotel Overnight

Special room block pricing of just $249 + tax per room night at the Biltmore has been arranged (double occupancy is just $124.50 + tax per night). Info will be provided to you on signup, and roommates will be matched where possible, so sign up with a friend or colleague if you want to choose your own roomie. Full breakfast will be provided daily for those guests staying at the historic Biltmore.

Jennifer Davis


She is intuitive, very bright, experienced in many businesses, caring, and genuinely interested in others happiness and success. If 10 stars were possible, that’s how I would rate her. By the way, I’ve owned and operated my business for over 20 years, so I have been exposed to a lot of coaching. Halle Eavelyn is simply the best.

Retreat Pricing

Retreat Only - Special Savings for Immediate Action Takers!

Non-refundable deposit of $1000 holds your space, then all payment is due in full by September 1.

Bring a Sister and you both save! Sign up with a friend or colleague and each of you save $500! When you are signing up, just indicate the name of your sister attendee in the space provided.

VIP registration – limited to 5 guests per date +$1997

Nov. 7 or 11, your choice. A half-day intensive focusing on developing your core business strategies and transformations. This intensive is curated with lots of personal time so you can take massive action towards building your business. Streamline your offers, create a new program, review your current business to uncover hidden revenue, these are just some of the possibilities when you sign up for this VIP add-on to the Money Mind Spirit Retreat. This day is customized to fit your growing business needs. You bring it, let's build it. BONUS: Lunch with Halle!

Laura Barker


I cannot recommend Halle strongly enough. She delivers value when she speaks. I credit my transformation (health, business, spiritual) in large part to Halle's guidance.

Sign up now to be included in this life-changing retreat, so you can transform and align your money, your mind, and your spirit, and finally welcome in the woman you were born to be.