Healing Energies of the Garden Isle

You will feel the spiritual energy of Kauai emanate up from the land and right through your body on this lush, verdant island.  As the oldest of the Hawaiian islands and far less populated, Kauai is a paradise where you quickly merge into a zone of peace and beauty.  Waterfalls,  rainbows, and dolphins intersect farm-to-table gourmet dining and delightful entertainment.

The Journey

You will be greeted upon arrival, assisted through Lihue Airport, and driven by private car to your hotel.  During your stay in Kauai, you might enjoy renting a convertible to get around the island, and if you are traveling with a group you’ll be comfortably transferred in a private air-conditioned coach with the freedom to enjoy Kauai highlights.  Either way, your stay will include an unforgettable sunset cruise along the famed Napali Coast, special Hawaiian ceremonies, and so much more.

The Experience

The gorgeous Napali Coast, Waimea Canyon, and Hanalei Bay are just natural backdrops to the Aloha Spirit.  Hawaiians will teach you through daily interactions the meaning of aloha– living with love, mana-spiritual energy, pono-aligning life with right action, and ohana-importance of family and all harmonious relationships.  Feel the aloha spirit through unity, honesty humility, patience, and kindness in this incredible paradise, then live it every day of your life.

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