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It’s our goal to create a luxurious, one-of-a-kind travel and transformational experience for you and your group. Feel free to browse our FAQS below for answers to the most common questions we receive.

If you have any other questions or concerns simply click the button below to schedule a call with one of our helpful team members.

FAQs – Booking Your Trip

How do I book a tour?

To create a custom tour, just send a note to us on the contact page and we can set up a call.

To book a current tour, click on “Book Now” and follow the prompts.

Can I wait to sign up for a current tour offering?

You CAN, but we highly recommend you sign up now because the trip will sell out. Also, if you are signing up without a roommate, you will be matched, but if there is an uneven number of people who need roommates, you might end up having to pay a single supplement if you are the last one in.

How do I sign up?

Choose BOOK RESERVATION from the signup page and click the link for the contract first. It will automatically take you to the deposit page and then to the guest info to fill out after that.

Can I get a copy of my contract/deposit receipt?

Please check your inbox. A copy was automatically emailed to you. Please let us know If you have not received it. If for any reason you did not receive it, we are happy to resend it.

What do your trips cost?

When booking a current group offering, you will see pricing when you click “Book Now.”

Custom Tours will be priced individually, based on the number of your desires, level of luxury, number of guests, and special experiences.


Can I make payments?

Yes, but all payments must be received at least 70 days prior to travel. You can use the online payment link (2nd link when you go to sign up) to make credit card payments or advise us if you want to pay by check or wire and we can email you those instructions.


What if I don’t have a passport?

You WILL need a passport to leave the country, but you have plenty of time to order one the slow way (within 60 days, tell them to use the RUSH service and pay the extra fee). Don’t pay a service for this – it’s really easy to do yourself.

Your passport MUST be valid for at least 6 months after the date the tour starts. The specifics are in the contract you sign.

How do I get you a copy of my passport?

You need to upload it to our secure site. Please make sure we have a LEGIBLE copy of your passport – best to take the pic with your smartphone. Upload it directly here


Do I need a Visa?

This depends on the tour. Usually, it’s visa on ARRIVAL if one is required (check tour contract page for specifics)

If a visa is required, do NOT get the visa service by mail, it costs much more than purchasing upon arrival.

Can you book/recommend travel insurance?

Yes.  Transformational Tours & Retreats is happy to quote and book your insurance with a reputable travel insurance company.

Remember, your credit card may also offer some level of travel insurance as a benefit so be sure to check with them!

Flight Information

Can you help me book my flight?

Once you put down your deposit, Transformational Tours will be happy to help get you your flight.

We charge $50 for booking coach class tickets and $100 to book business class tickets. If you do all the research and just ask us to look over your flight to make sure it’s okay before you buy (which we highly recommend if we don’t book your flight for you) that’s complimentary.

I want to fly Business Class

We have a business class consolidator we work with where the prices are below what they are at retail. We absolutely recommend you work directly with us if you are flying business class.

I want to fly Premium Economy

We are happy to look for those flights for you, but it depends on the airline and route as to whether that’s available.

Can you book my mileage ticket for me?

Sorry, you have to do your own mileage ticket by booking directly with the airline.

How much is my flight?

It depends on the city you’re departing from, whether you want to stay longer or come early because flights sometimes change the price depending on the day, and when you book your ticket. Prices rarely drop closer to the flight dates, so it’s best to book your tickets in advance.

Can you arrange transport to the hotel/is it included?

Your private round-trip transfer is included, unless you travel outside of the 24 hours before or after the trip, in which case, we will quote you the private transfer fee.


I’m arriving in the middle of the night. Can I still get picked up?

Whatever time you come in, one of our private drivers WILL meet you at the airport, [in Egypt: walk you through customs, pick up your bags] and get you to our hotel. Please DO NOT WORRY!!! We are going to take care of you the whole way.

How many hours in advance of the tour do I need to arrive?

Try to arrive as early as possible on the arrival day. Please feel free to run your flight schedule by us before booking. Many guests prefer to arrive the day before to get acclimated.


What are the restrictions on bags?

The airlines are changing their regs all the time. Please check with your airline, as well as regarding specifics on restricted items or other special things you are carrying with you.

[Egypt only: You will be able to take your luggage aboard the internal flight in Egypt as well – the folks we travel with always make sure we are well taken care of – though you will also be able to travel light and leave one of your bags in Cairo]

How many bags can I bring?

It changes, and sometimes it costs – like if you are traveling on a separate domestic ticket and then on a different one internationally. Please check with your airline. Currently, you are allowed 1-2 pieces of checked luggage for all overseas flights, plus 1 carry-on, and 1 personal item (so long as the carry-on will fit in an overhead). The personal item would be a laptop case or purse, for example.

In Country

I want to come early/stay late.

Great! If you need an extra night or more, we will arrange that for you based on your travel schedule. Please do NOT book a separate reservation as that may require you to change rooms once the tour starts. Please DO email us your request – we need them in writing. (

I don’t have a roommate for a group tour. Do I have to pay for a single?

You will be matched with a roommate if you have not requested someone specific. About a month before the tour, we send a roommate survey to ensure you are matched with a great one!!  It is rare, but, if you are the last to sign up and there are no roommates, you may be responsible for the cost of a single room.

This is a good reason to sign up early.

I want a SINGLE room throughout the tour, please.

If you have made a request for a single on your guest info, we have that. Otherwise, please EMAIL us to request that (

Health Information

Do I need shots?

Please check the contract page on the tour you are interested in for this information.

While this is up to you and your doctor, there are NO vaccines required. Please make up your own mind as to whether you want to get precautionary medical treatment such as a vaccine.

How fit do I need to be?

As you are preparing for your trip, we suggest you start walking, if you’re not used to doing so. We will be walking some every day on most of our tours. So try to take longer and longer walks each day, and make sure you pack comfortable shoes!

If you have a special need, please talk to us so that we can try to make an arrangement if necessary.

I am in a wheelchair. Can I still come?

Yes. There may be some things you can’t do, but we will make accommodations wherever we can.

I have prescription medicines – is it legal for me to bring them into the country?

It’s best to keep any required medication with you in your carry-on, in case your bag is lost. Medications should be left in their original containers and be clearly labeled.

[Egypt ONLY: Please bring an ORIGINAL doctor’s prescription for any medicine that is narcotic, and please google for the current list of banned substances]

I have dietary restrictions

I’m gluten-free/dairy-free/pescatarian/vegetarian/vegan, etc.

Just like at home, we will do our best to accommodate your food needs. We send out a question in one of our caretaking emails that asks about this, and that’s when we need to know.

Money, Honey

Can I bring my credit cards?

Credit Cards are generally accepted – certainly for any major purchases, at hotels, shops, etc. Make sure you call your bank and advise them you are traveling, and bring along the non-toll-free number to the bank in case your card is still declined.

What do I do about cash in the country?

ATMs are available (most banks will charge a “foreign transaction fee” or the like, but the exchange rate will be good).

How much money will I need/should I bring?

A general rule of thumb is to plan on $500-1000 for a two-week trip if you’re not into circulating a lot of money, and at least $1000+ if you are, and bring a credit card as back-up or for large purchases. Just bring enough cash to get you started, and then visit the ATM.

Staying in Touch at Home

Will I have internet access?

Wi-Fi is available at our hotels. [Egypt only: Internet access is spotty on the cruise ship. So, if you plan to check in once or twice, we suggest you leave your computer at home and use the business center instead.

Will my cell phone work?

Call your carrier. Many have plans. If you need to use your phone a lot, you may want to consider a local sim card or a small disposable phone once you are in the country.

Still Have Questions?

Drop us a note or book a call! We’d love to hear from you.