Mysteries of Egypt

Where it all begins. Ancient wisdom and everyday awakenings. Pyramids that stop you in your tracks, temples that speak volumes to your heart, the Nile, a river that flows as truth. A welcoming country with kind locals that want to know you.

The Journey

Upon arrival in Cairo each guest will be greeted and assisted by our tour manager through the airport and to our hotel. The group will be guided throughout your stay as we make our way to Aswan, Luxor, Giza Plateau, the city of Cairo, a Nile cruise, a Nubian village and so much more with our own Egyptologist. The spiritual, historic, cultural journey of your dreams.

The Experience

You will set the stage in this mystical land and as you work with the powerful energies throughout the journey, your guests will return transformed. Private experiences between the paws of the Sphinx, and meditation in the King’s chamber of the Great Pyramid. Other special and private opportunities await you throughout this very personal journey. Perfumes, oils, culinary deliciousness, mystical music, camel rides, Egypt will captivate you and all of your senses. Guests will be initiated at ancient sites that correlate to each of the different chakras to become aligned with their inner truth. You will be changed by Mother Egypt as will your entire group.

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“Transformational Tours helped me and a colleague design and lead a dynamic tour for 50 participants to the sacred sites of Egypt. It was a phenomenal experience that not only took us to all the major sites but also supported us as leaders to immerse our fellow pilgrims in deeper and more rewarding inner experiences. There were numerous “surprises” all along the way—unexpected embellishments that delivered much more than our guests expected. Halle gave this experience the personal touch of her vast travel experience, and this made the trip a once-in-a-lifetime delight..“

Roger Teel

Mile-Hi Church

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